Lithium Withdrawal

Withdrawal of lithium

Don’t give up!

Lithium is a medication that is used to treat and prevent people with bipolar disorder. Bipolar is a disease that cause depression and other abnormal mood disorders. Lithium can also be used to treat schizophrenia, different mental illnesses in children, impulse control disorder and even in different forms like gels for skin conditions.

Here you are going to learn about lithium , withdrawal symptoms and how to properly take the medication. It is important that you keep all of your appointment with you doctor and take the medication as long as your doctor prescribes it for you. You should never stop taking or overdose lithium.

What if I forget to take a dose of lithium?

If you miss your schedule does of lithium, you should take it right away. You should never double dose the medication to make up a missed dose. Instead you will want to reschedule your dose time so they are on a new schedule.

What type of diet should I be on while taking lithium?

Eating a proper diet is very important while taking lithium. You will want to make sure that you get the correct amounts of water and salt intake while on the treatment. Your doctor can give you details about a diet that will work best for you. It is important to talk to your doctor about drinking drinks that contain caffeine while taking lithium.

What are the side effects of lithium?

There are different side effects that lithium medication can cause. The type of side effects that you may experience can vary depending on the dose that you have taken and your bodies reaction to the medication. Here we have went into further details about the side effects of lithium.

What if I become pregnant while taking lithium?

If you are trying to conceive or become pregnant while taking the medication, you will need to consult your doctor immediately. This medicine can be harmful to your unborn baby. Lithium can also pass through your breast milk and harm your nursing baby. Your doctor may want to place you on a different medication to help treat your mental disorder.

Can I take lithium if I have a preexisting condition?

If you have a preexisting condition such as heart disease, kidney disease, under-active thyroid, severe medical condition or hyponatremia, your doctor may need to adjust the your dose or have you take a special test to make sure you can safely take the medication.

What if I overdose on lithium?

If you or a loved on overdoses on lithium is important for you to seek emergency medical attention right away. They will be able to do different treatments to get the medicine out of your body and treat the overdose symptoms.